Charging and Swapping Intelligent Control Board
Large shipments, mature and stable products
Excellent independent research and development team to ensure system optimization and upgrading
The cabinet control boards independently developed by Bitean include the main cabinet control board, Env detect board, box cabinet control board, measurement cabinet control board, light board, etc.; Industrial-grade cabinet control board, which can work normally in harsher environments;with multi-communication protocol interface, dial code support, real-time monitoring and other functions, support data collection, remote upgrade; shipment Large volume, proven in the market for many years, the system is mature and stable.
Battery charging and swapping cabinet control board products
Main cabinet control board
Safe, stable and reliable, industrial-grade products. Run protection for important programs, even if they exit abnormally, they will still start normally. Intelligent dialing, guarantees 2G/3G/4G real-time communication; supports RS485/CAN communication; supports wired network; supports Bluetooth communication; supports diagnostic information recording of each interface module, low power consumption, and avoids the consumption of system resources by useless modules.
Env Detect Board
Battery swapping cabinet environmental detection board, industrial-grade cabinet control board, real-time monitoring of electricity meter, temperature, water level, smoke sensor and other sensors, control maintenance door, fan, shunt tripping, etc., to ensure safety; use dial code to set the address, convenient and fast, Support remote upgrade.
Box control panel
Box control version, supports RS485 communication, including battery and charger communication; supports locks, LED lights, temperature sensors, fire extinguishers, etc.; can be upgraded remotely.
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